Friday, 26 November 2010

The Doune Garden.

Just at the turn off to Loch an Eilan there is a big stone wall. Over the wall is an old abandoned garden which dips down quite far. I know it as the Doune Garden. I spent an early morning in there one January a few years back when I was an art student. It was around 12 below and I swear when I got down into the lowest part of the garden that temperature plummeted even lower.
I had Tara the Mcooks lab with me but she got very fretful about the cold and lack of movement so I had to take her back to the car and put a rug over her until the cold beat me too and we went home for a fry up.
I got a fright when the young laird appeared with a gamie both with shotguns and got told off for not asking permission to enter the garden as I could have been shot by mistake. The young gamie made a dick of himself trying to impress the laird by agressively cross examining me about who I was etc. I gave him a wee look and he gave me a wee look back then he shut up, LOL!
The laird knew my dad so said I was OK to take pics any-time but to ask first in case I got shot.
There are a load more pics than this but I havn't come across them yet. Only a tenner for a lovely frameable print, roll up roll up!! Come on you know you want to.

More of the pictures can be seen here here

Friday, 19 November 2010

Pictures of the Day

Just came back from a week in Aviemore, autumnal colours amazing. Never noticed this kind of stuff when I lived there as a kid.
Played possibly the last football match on the Aviemore playing field as the new school will be built there. The game was the Scoop Taylor Trophy instigated in memory of my dad.
Spent a day fishing for pike at Loch an Eilan, no luck really need to fish from a boat as its difficult to shore fish there, a lot of obstructions. Colours were amazing, tangled broken pine branches, yellow and orange boggy bits, dark moody bits, could spend a long time working up there especially if the weather is kind.

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