Sunday, 29 August 2010

John Taylor Artist/Photographer.

The Aldeburgh show is being very well received, I have been up to Snape Maltings Concert Hall where the show is 3 or 4 times since mid August and getting to know the A12 and Suffolk quite well.
I am currently looking for other Suffolk and Norfolk venues to show the work. Also working on a new improved (and cheaper) edition of the book which is currently available from Blurb. I am not wholly a fan of digital publications, not as convincing as traditional offset litho, so the new edition will be the latter.

I have joined Photoshelter as the base for my website and I like the format very much.

Now working on a book of my fathers work, take a look here
Scoop Taylor Archive

I have lived in London since 1980 so obviously a large amount of my output is London-centric so I have started this blog's imagery with a tiny selection of London pictures from my website.

Sainsbury's Highlands Village, Enfield.
Shopping Mall Enfield Town
At the Grammars, Southgate.
Paintballing Demonstration Enfield Summer Show
Marks & Spencers London Colney
Macdonalds Enfield Town
Shop Sign, East Barnet Village
Pub Toilet Enfield Town